Donate - PowerShift: Young and Rising

We can’t do this without you.

The youth climate justice movement has been historically under-resourced, and the same is true today. To be able to bring together powerful speakers, skilled trainers, and participants from many walks of life, we need your generous support.

For $5, you can buy coffee for our tireless organizers/volunteers working to build and plan this radical convergence.

For $25, you can buy supplies, materials and equipment to support the creation of beautiful art and banners to be showcased during the convergence.

For $50, you can support the registration fee for one young person to attend PowerShift Young & Rising.

For $75, you can help bring skilled and experienced activists to teach direct action tactics during programming at PowerShift Young & Rising.

For $125, you can support the costs of bringing brilliant, diverse and notable movement leaders to provide inspiring keynote addresses during PowerShift Young & Rising.

For $250, you can support airfare for one frontline youth to attend PowerShift Young & Rising.

For $500, you can support a videographer to produce, edit, and mentor aspiring young videographers in creating compelling, visual stories of youth acting on climate change and PowerShift Young & Rising.

For $750, you can fully support travel costs and accommodation to bring one frontline young person to PowerShift Young & Rising.